Yes! You can…

I’m reading Nancy Sanders’ encouraging book, Yes!  You Can Write Children’s Books… right now, and it’s somewhat intimidating.  Very chipper and encouraging, but a little intimidating.

Mainly because I’ve apparently been going about the business of getting published backasswards.  I’m heartened to see I’m doing some things right, such as scheduling my writing time and making both short-term and long-term goals, but Ms. Sanders is frighteningly organized and directed.  Perhaps that’s why she’s published and I’m not yet?  😉

Her three-pronged approach emphasizes writing for no-fee/low-fee publications, writing under contract, and writing for fulfillment.  The last is what most of us think of as writing; however, according to Ms. Sanders, it may be fulfilling, but it won’t jumpstart your career as a writer.  Makes sense to me…  after all, I haven’t been published yet, and I have three completed picture book manuscripts and a novella.  (OK, so the novella’s from college – it still counts.  As does my weekly newspaper column for my local paper that I wrote during  high school and the band interviews I wrote for the local record chain’s monthly newsletter during college.)

Many of my inspiring colleagues seem to practice this approach, and lo and behold!  They are published in SOMETHING.  Many somethings!

So, first goal:

I will try to write for fifteen minutes everyday on this blog.  Or a private journal.  Or even Facebook, lord help my friends.

Second goal:

I will seek out no-fee/low-fee writing gigs – first off, finishing my applications to review books for Booklist and Library Journal.

Third goal?

Finish Ms. Sanders’ book and start applying her advice.


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