While en route to New York last week, I read my latest copy of Booklist. (Yes, I am that much of a library geek – I research my future reading.)  Bill Ott’s column is always entertaining, and I enjoyed his take on “self-Googling.”  I hadn’t done so in years – likely before my daughter was born.

So, having a moment today, as I recovered from the trip and while waiting for the aforementioned book choices to upload into my book database, I Googled myself.

Surprise!!!  I had a publication credit I’d completely forgotten about – an article published in Information Outlook, SLA’s professional journal, in 2000.  Whaddaya know?  as my new Brooklyn friends would say.

Now the question is do I list it in my author bio along with the book of Italian essays I translated for a friend of a friend?  Do I include my stint as a teen columnist for the local paper in high school?

Seems I have more experience writing than I thought…

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