Following up on a surprise

I forgot to mention that I was so excited because not only did I find a publishing credit, but I found it because I had been cited in a few other works – yes, Virginia, there is more than one book about career advice for librarians.

On to less mundane matters.  Why is inspiration so fleeting?  I have several notes for PBs in my writer’s notebook, but looking at them makes me wonder what I was thinking in the first place.  I know what to do with a few of them but am totally uninspired to do so.  Here’s hoping that once we actually move to NY that I can settle back to work.  Of course, it would be better if I simply settled to work now and let the move take care of itself….

Which brings me to something that is often on my mind.  Why is it so much work to live in the moment?  Why is it harder to be mindful and ignore the monkey mind that pushes our thoughts to the past, the future – anywhere but here  and now?  After some years of practicing yoga regularly, I am more successful at enjoying my present circumstances and appreciating what is now, but I still find myself constantly planning for tomorrow, next week, next month.  Organization seems to be at odds with mindfulness.

Often, the only time I really feel completely present is when reading.  Thoroughly immersed in another author’s story, I am not making plans, anticipating the future, or reflecting on the past.  I simply and wholly am…. someone else in the midst of their moment.


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