Inspiration vs. intimidation

Recently, I attended a book talk by Lois Lowry at Inkwood Books in Tampa.  Listening to Ms. Lowry read from her works and discuss them was obviously inspiring, but also a little intimidating.  How can I ever hope to compete with the woman who created Gooney Bird Greene?

Meeting fellow writers – published or not, famous or not – always creates tension for me.  On one hand, the conversations energize me.  On the other hand, I always have a small, niggling, nudging doubt that I belong – that I am indeed a writer.

That said, I’m looking forward to the mid-summer conference of SCBWI Florida in June.  I expect it’ll set me back on track with my goals this year and give me a focus for my career.  Because, despite not being published yet, this IS my career now.

So, a few mid-year resolutions:

1) Keep submitting queries and manuscripts

2) Write a new biography for my profiles

3) Revise older manuscripts and begin new ones

And last, but not least:

4) Keep making professional connections!  Networking is just as important for writers as it was for librarians.


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