That creaking sound you hear is my writing muscles beginning a good stretch after a couple months’ hiatus to move to NYC.  All but a few boxes cleared, art beginning to appear on the walls, and my writer’s files unearthed from the chaos, and I am ready to begin my regimen again.

Quite literally, my final act in Florida was to attend SCBWI FL’s great mid-summer conference and drink in some advice, lessons, and inspiration as a refreshment (reward?) from the slog of packing up an entire household and preparing to move.  On the advice of a good friend and mentor, Lisa Michaels, I did keep notes on the move experience and am now hoping to gestate a new picture book manuscript.    Also thanks to Lisa for her amazing work on The Yellow Brick Road – a fantastic blog for childrens’ book writers & illustrators.  Check it out at .

I’ve mentioned previously my new infatuation with Yes, You Can Write Childrens’ Books… ; ironically enough, just as I moved, I received and opportunity to write an article for a local online newsletter.  I’m happy to pursue it despite my move and am taking it as evidence that I’m on the right track.

So, back to the grind – blog posts, book reviews, and manuscript revisions, oh my!


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