Dog days

Well, we’re definitely in the midst of them.  Hot, sultry, enervating….

Not writing weather.  Or at least not inspired writing weather.  But why?  I write indoors, in air-conditioned comfort.  And let’s face it, writing isn’t physically laborious.

Somehow, despite deadlines, despite goals, despite ideas – yes, I have a few – sitting here feels like work.  Work is a four-letter word.  Idle is also a four-letter word…..

I’ll just keep trying to plug away at my article on organic farming and online farmer’s markets.  Maybe if I put away the laundry, writing will seem desirable in comparison?

Things I would rather do than write (right now):

1) Read

2) Nap

3) Play games with my daughter

4) Loll about on the sofa with the dog

5) Put away the laundry

Things I would rather not do than write (right now):

1) Clean the bathroom

2) Take my daughter and the dog to the park  (normally this would be on list #1)

3) Bake anything

4) Go out shopping

5) Deliver things to other people’s walk-ups


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