Back to school

I’m not sure who’s happier about school starting: my daughter or me!  This week has been full of preparation for a new school and a new school year.

Which is why no posts.  However, I have taken a BIG step.  Financially and mentally.

I have registered for a writing class.  Ignoring my ego, I have registered for Children’s Book Writing I.  Ten weeks of writing exercises and lectures.  Here’s hoping that if my ego is right, and I already know much of the material, I can get credit towards a more advanced class!  At the very least, I will have a set of goals and a specific amount of time to work on new material and polish my older manuscripts.

Perhaps it’s time to review my earlier goals and rework them – new goals for a new year!

1)  Submit story to Highlights contest.  Check!

2) Apply to Library Journal and Booklist as a reviewer.  Well, I did start the application process.  I suspect this goal will become a long-term goal.

3) Finish revising Noisy Nina and Nosy Nina.  Hmm.  Not even started.

4) Send at least 24 queries to publishers.  I sent 6.  All rejected. Better get cracking!

5) Create a web page and/or profile for various writer’s sites.  No web page – unless you count this blog.  I did write a new author bio and post it to the Yellow Brick Road .  Check!

Well, not too bad.  Looks like I better resubmit a couple of stories to magazines and start work on those revisions…..


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