Ding dong, the car line is dead!

Quite possibly the best part of moving to NYC – OK, I exaggerate, but only slightly – is the fact that I no longer have to waste 30-45 minutes each day in car line.  For those of you fortunate enough to have children that either ride the bus or walk to school, car line is akin to the first circle of Hell.  Pure Limbo – endless waiting and the dire conundrum (at least in hot climates) whether to leave the car on and the AC running or to sit & swelter in the heat.

While I do spend a good thirty minutes on the walk to and from my daughter’s school, at least it’s not wasted time.  The dog gets walked and a chance to see small children (his favorite kind of person!) and I get a tiny amount of exercise.  We get to see what the weather’s really like.  We get to have a chance to wander to the park or get a snack from a vendor.  And unless I’m running a cold or on a deadline, there’s no hurry to get home.  After all, it’s just a short walk away; I’m not wasting gas or time.

Of course, so far, I’ve been on time.  I wonder what will happen the day – you know it’s coming – when I’m engrossed in a story or an article or baking brownies, and gasp!  It’s THAT TIME already.  Fortunately, I walk quickly.  And here in NYC, I suspect, it’s still faster to walk than to drive…..not that I could.  Selling the car does limit one’s options.

But so far,  I haven’t missed the car a bit.  Not the car, not the insurance, not getting gas, not dealing with mechanics, not my garage, and ESPECIALLY NOT CAR LINE.


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