PiBoIdMo – Take 2

30 Picture Book Ideas in 30 Days.

So far, so good.  Between exercises in my children’s writing class at Gotham and the usual run of images, phrases and blips that appeal to me, the well of inspiration is surprisingly wet these days.  Perhaps because, like most everything else in life, practice makes perfect.  Now if only I could reconcile my writing practice with my yoga practice, I’d be in business!

(Every day contains as much time as you need.  Repeat frequently.)

It doesn’t help that I spend so much time reading.  As a friend noted, reading is my vocation, avocation, and obsession.  No matter what’s happening in my life, there’s always time to read.  On that note, I treated myself to Olivia Goes to Venice and Emma’s Journey.

Olivia is even better than gelato for a pick-me-up.  And has fewer calories.

Ideas 1-4 are safe on my iPhone.  On to number 5… hmm, maybe I better back up that phone…





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