Ideas aplenty, but no energy

PiBoIdMo is working wonderfully for me!  I’ve an idea for every day in November so far –

and a vicious cold.  I even went to the doctor today.  While systemic deliveries of wonton and hot & sour soup are keeping me from total wretchedness, I just don’t have the energy to start working on those ideas.

On the other hand, I have enough energy to keep up with my classwork, critiques, and revision for my turn in the Booth this coming Tuesday.  Plus yet another “pome” to get me going:


I sit and sniff

Can’t breathe a whiff

Of my steamy soup.

Tired of goop

in my nose

and freezing toes!

With aching head,

straight back to bed

I go instead.


Aren’t you glad you can’t get a cold over the Internet?  😉



5 thoughts on “Ideas aplenty, but no energy

  1. So sorry you’re not feeling well! And since I can’t get a cold over the internet, I’m sending you cyber-chicken soup and a cybersmooch and hugs! Feel better and let the tea and ideas (not the cold) brew.

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