Free Fall Friday – a little late

Yes, I know – it’s Saturday.  What can I say?  Friday was a little hectic for me.  Without further ado, here’s my response to this week’s Free Fall Friday challenge:


“Hey, boy!  Yeah, you’re a good dog, aren’tcha, boy?”  The black Lab slathers my hand with a doggy kiss like warm sandpaper.  I can’t believe there’s a dog just like Licorice here in Paris!  Where’s Mom?  I thought she was checking out the book display over there.

“Ray?”  Mom comes up behind me.  “Are you making a new friend?  Bon jour.”  She smiles at the French lady seated at the cafe table.  At least I think she’s French.  We are in Paris, after all….

“Bon jour!  Est-ce votre fils?  Il aime vraiment les chiens, non?”  The lady smiles back at Mom, shooting off a stream of Francais.  Mom gave me these French downloads for my iPod, but they don’t seem to have helped any.  I can’t understand a word anyone says.  Mom’s not much better until they slow down.  She says she speaks French and Italian – but she always forgets to mention the last time she used those languages was before I was born.

“Oui.  Et alors, nous avons quitter notre chien aux retour en les Etats-Unix….”  Mom and the lady are at it now – the lady rattling off rapid-fire French like a machine gun, and Mom slowly booming back answers like a cannon.  I don’t care.  The Lab drops and rolls over, and I start scratching his tummy, watching his left leg kick just like Licorice’s does when you hit the sweet spot.




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