Happy New Year! Now write, darn it….

Between the holidays and a whopper neck issue, I’ve been AWOL, incommunicado, out of touch and off the hamster wheel.  2010 ended on a high note, and I’m ready and rested for 2011.

Signed up for SCBWI’s Winter Conference in NYC?  Check.

Registered for Children’s Writing II at Gotham Writers’ Workshop?  Check.

Registered for Mary Kole’s lecture on writing and publishing kidlit?  Check.

Contest deadlines and submission guidelines noted and story ideas started?  Check.

I’m launching 2011 with a bang.  Short term goals are to submit stories to the Highlights Fiction Contest 2011, the Children’s Writer contest, and to apply for the Highlights Chautauqua scholarship.

Long term goals?  Write more.  Critique less, but critique better.  Submit more – to magazines, agents, & publishers.  Keep the idea machine cranked up.

Last, but never least, keep cheering on my writing buddies as they achieve their own goals and succeed!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! Now write, darn it….

  1. Wow, good for you! You definitely are launching 2011 with a bang! I moved out of Manhattan in 2006. I don’t miss it much except for when I hear about all of these great children’s lit events! (I did Gotham CW II when I lived there! 🙂

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