Why read Picture Books?

I’ve defended the glorious picture book myself, but for those of you inclined to multi-media, here’s an excellent video defense: Introduction – Sharing Picture Books.  Part of a series, my friend and colleague, Rob Sanders, mentioned it in his blog, Picture This!

The video is a great tool for librarians and teachers to share with colleagues and parents to promote the benefits of reading picture books and their importance in developing strong reading and analytical skills.  Feel free to pass it on!

At the recent SCBWI conference, the consensus seemed to be that “it’s the economy, stupid,” and when the economy improves, so will the outlook for picture books.  Well, the economy is improving, so give picture books a hand and buy a couple!  Check out some new friends and old favorites at your local library.  Read to a child – or have a child read to you.

While we’re on the topic, I must mention that I recently caved and bought a nookColor.  One of the exciting benefits to my new eReader is that I can read picture books in glorious full color, wallowing in the art.  It also has a feature that allows the reader to choose that the book be read to them – by the nook.  I’m not as enamored of that feature, but I can see how busy parents looking for a distraction for their toddlers would prefer this to the children playing games on the iPhone.   Either way, the nookColor does provide the best way I’ve seen so far to imitate the picture book experience electronically.  And honestly?  I’m more likely to buy picture books for research if I don’t have to find shelf space for them in my tiny apartment.

Now if only the free eBook providers would start adding copies of classic picture books…


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