Long time no write

Spring 2011 came in like a lion not only because of the unusually stormy weather, but also because we moved yet again.  Whether you move to another state, city, or just to a different apartment, the upheaval – and the amount of work – is the same.  So, many boxes and trips to Ikea and Bed Bath & Beyond later, I am settled in a new home once more.

The new apartment is much noisier, but it does have an amenity I’ve been missing:  space for a desk!  Yes, I will soon have a desk again with its own storage, place for an inspiration board, and an aura of work.  I can’t wait.

Along with the move, I finished my latest Gotham class on children’s writing and found a new in-person critique group at long last.  A question came up at the most recent meeting which I find interesting:

Can you write in public?  And if so, where and when?

Never having been a Starbucks junkie, I don’t use them as a space for writing.  The background noise isn’t conducive to creativity for me.  That said, I’m finding the noises outside my new apartment comforting.  It’s just the bustle and hustle of a city, with lots of happy shrieks from the playground across the street thrown in.

Perhaps it’s left over from years of going to an office, but I like working in my home office best.  Having a dedicated space keeps me focused on my work, not what’s going on around me. When I do need to get outside, I find working in libraries to be useful.  It’s quiet, but not too quiet, and the best is when I can plop down in the children’s section.  Plenty of picture books for research make up for short chairs.

Whether I write at home or “abroad,” I need to get cracking.  Thanks to a generous grant from the Highlights Foundation, I’m going to be attending the Workshop at Chautauqua!  And while I have plenty of projects to workshop, it never hurts to have a fresh story in hand.

Back to work!


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