A thought…

Apparently, editors are hoping for a resurgence in MG and YA contemporary realistic novels.  You’d think there would be plenty of these out there, but no.

I started thinking why not?  Could it be that this genre is over-saturated on TV, thanks to The Disney Channel among others?   (Or am I simply over-saturated thanks to my daughter?)

Perhaps it’s not that appealing to try and capture the current voice and concerns of today’s kids and teens?  Or that too many writers are hopping on the genre bandwagon, trying to catch that brass ring?

Just something to think about while I fold clothes and get ready to work on a story…


3 thoughts on “A thought…

  1. I think a lot has to do with the fact that it’s often more natural to weave an interesting story when there’s an “other-worldly” element in it. Your imagination has more space to run around in, and on some levels, makes it easier to write.

  2. I’m with you Leslie. I would think there would be plenty of them out there. Contemporary realistic is actually my favorite genre of YA and MG. Perhaps they truly are more difficult to write well.

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