The fourth stooge

I’m still surprised no one burst out laughing.

Yesterday, I took my daughter to lunch.  As I sat on the wicker cafe chair next to the sidewalk, I felt as if I was settling rather low, and then thump!

I was flat on my bottom on the grimy grey concrete.

It must have looked ridiculous, but Nina didn’t laugh until I did.  Which wasn’t until I’d been hauled onto my feet like a sack of wheat by a helpful gentleman dining nearby.  I suppose he thought I couldn’t get up, but really, I was just discombobulated.  One moment, I thought I was sitting down. . . and then I was sitting down.  Waaaay down.  Yoga must be my friend, because I wasn’t hurt, just jolted out of my perspective.

Perhaps it was good for me.  Sometimes one needs to remember that everything looks different from another point of view.

And really, what a pratfall!  I can just see the wicker chair folding onto itself, sliding in one smooth motion to the ground, my pear-shaped self following it down like an over-ripe fruit falling from a low branch.  Good thing I wasn’t wearing green.  🙂


3 thoughts on “The fourth stooge

  1. lol Leslie! You remind me of one time, several years back, I was at my local Barnes & Noble where I’m most accustomed to sitting at the railing (I have so many criteria for picking a table), but the cafe was packed, so I took a “middle” table. I truck everything with me you could imagine, so I had one of my bags resting on the chair on the opposite side of the table, one hanging on the back of my chair, plus my heavy winter jacket thrown over the back, too. I stood to reach over the table and grab a pen from that bag, unknowingly sent my back-heavy chair to the floor with my jacket giving it a silent landing. Guess where I ended up, almost doing a rolling backflip since I went to sit in my misplaced chair full force? lol Yeah, embarrasssing and I DID need help getting up lol Fortunately, like you, no injuries! I was just shocked! lol

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