Back to school

When my pumpkin dumpling goes back to school, usually that means Mommy goes back to school, too.  Volunteering in in the school’s library with the Learning Leaders keeps it open, since due to the ever-present budget cuts, there is no librarian.  And, seeing as I am a librarian… well, it beats having to volunteer as room mom.

Back to school for me usually means time for me to head back to another writing class, but this fall, I’m going it alone.  Despite my spending this morning on laundry and housework, that is NOT going to happen on a routine basis.  Writing and yoga, yes.  Chores, no.  Not the priority this semester!

In the spirit of keeping myself accountable, here’s Fall 2011’s list of priorities:

– Working on a new middle grade novel

– Working on my YA historical novel

– Continuing to be a good citizen of my critique groups

– Working on short pieces for magazines

– Submitting to at least one magazine, print or virtual, per month

I solemnly swear that even jury duty will not keep me from writing!


2 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Leslie, this all sounds wonderful—including letting the chores go! lol That’s the thing that always slides for me!

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