Seven days down

I know, it’s November 8th.  Cut me some slack, OK?

Yes, I also know I should be writing my novel instead of posting to my blog.  But I have to warm up somehow. . .

Today is one of those inexplicable days off from school that you loved as a kid and hate as a mom.  It was supposed to be filled with laundry – really an amazing writing prompt, because you can get a lot written under the gun of the timer going off and think about character/ plot issues while folding – and writing.  Instead it became a movie date and lunch with new friends from Nina’s school.  (Yes, I’ve turned into the Welcome Wagon for folks moving to the UWS and attending a certain elementary school.)

Well, at least Nina has a new pal, and now they’re playing happily and quietly – but not *too* quietly – in her room.  And I am supposed to be writing.  Especially since I have not achieved the 1,667 words per day one must if one wishes to achieve 50,000 words by November 30th.  I’m thinking that 50,000 words is a really ambitious goal.  How about just a completed first draft?  Writing pal Susan B. gave me a boost by congratulating me on finishing 3076 words in a week.  🙂

No, I am not typing like the proverbial monkeys.  Yes, I do have reasonably decent prose – if I do say so myself – appearing on my screen.  But the writing is worse than pulling teeth.  It’s like flossing with canker sores; you know you have to, but it’s painful, and you’re wondering if it’s just making things worse.

I am not giving up.  I am publishing this entry and then I am going to write, darn it.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  Now if I could only apply this determination to exercising regularly.  Well, first things first.


One thought on “Seven days down

  1. Just do your best, Leslie 😀 Good luck!

    And, you know, lunch dates and making new friends is pretty important, in my book 🙂

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