Slowly but surely

I’m nowhere near the 33,000 words I’d need to have to make it to NaNoWriMo’s 50,000 word total.  Only about a quarter of that.  But I’m plugging along.  I like what I’m writing, and the story is revealing itself to me.  To give myself a boost – because I’m going to complete this draft, even if I don’t make the November 30th deadline – I submitted an entry to the Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest, sponsored by the Serendipity Literary Agency, Sourcebooks, and Gotham Writers’ Workshop.  All you need is an intriguing title and the first 250 words, since that’s what readers apparently use to decide whether or not to read a book.

With family coming for Thanksgiving, it’s not likely I’ll meet NaNo’s deadline.  But I am going to finish this novel.  Some of us sprint, others run marathons.  Me?  I’m just going to keep jogging  along.  Walking if I have to.  Sprinting when I can.

Aesop’s tortoise always wins the race in the end.

On a holiday note, I am thankful that I have the time and ability to pursue my dreams.  I am thankful for my friends & family who support and encourage me along the way.  Most of all, I am thankful to be giving as well as receiving.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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