All of us are winners

According to Chris Baty, whether you reach 50,000 words or not, you’ve already won at NaNoWriMo.

I’d like to think so.  At just under 10,000 words, I’m not even close to hitting the mark.  On the other hand, I showed up, took aim, and … got to work.  I have the beginning of a novel that I’m happy with, I’ve written more in one month than the past three, and I learned a LOT.  For instance, I learned that writing is not about inspiration as much as it is perspiration.  I learned that I can sit down and write, no matter what.  On the craft front, I learned more about my writing process and that I need a combination of preparation (outlining, character sketches, etc.) and just sitting and typing.

I also learned a very valuable lesson this Thanksgiving, thanks to my colleagues on The Yellow Brick Road, Denis Gaston and Romelle Guittap (and former colleague Wendy Lawrence).  Congratulations to them for making the voting round on the MeeGenius picture book competition!  Vote for them – early and often.  Their stories are great.

Oh, my lesson?  Well, see, I happily passed on the info about the MeeGenius competition to YBR.  I’m sure most of the folks had seen it themselves, but the catch is this:  I did not submit an entry myself.  Even though I have a couple of manuscripts I could have entered.  Like Romelle, I was still working on them.  Like Denis, I had some concerns about MeeGenius keeping the rights to my work.  But those two – and Wendy – said to heck with it and entered anyway.

They have a chance to have their work illustrated and published, not only online, but as a print book.  (And they’ll have a better one if you go vote for them!)  Me?  I got nuttin’.  I wasn’t brave enough or organized enough or something enough to take that chance.  And now I wish I had.

Next time, I’m submitting.  Ready or not, here I come!  And I’m raring to go next November… with a second novel.


One thought on “All of us are winners

  1. Leslie, I was actually really happy for you and inspired by the fact that you learned more about your writing process. Regardless of what you actually wrote, to me you came away with an invaluable lesson. Good for you!!!!!! 😀

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