Bring on the new!

As you can see from my sad lack of posts in December, I was busy ringing out the old.  Despite chronic tennis elbow – which some claim is also called writer’s elbow! – I did my best to fuel my creativity and celebrate the season.  Even without baking the dozen or so kinds of cookies I usually bake, the holidays were great fun and even better, relaxing.  Not usually a word one uses for December!

So, now that I’m back in the saddle – ahem, desk chair – it’s time to bring on 2012.  Usually at this time of year, all kinds of important goals and resolutions are swarming in my brain, ready to begin the New Year with discipline and drive.  Not this time.  I’m learning from my December.

No resolutions.  Several goals, but no action plan as if I’m a middle manager at Leslie Zampetti, Inc.  Hopefully, a fair pinch of discipline and drive, but I’m channeling my efforts in a new direction.  Thanks to fellow writer and friend Rob S., I’m changing my ways this year through three little words.


HEAL: My body needs attention, not just my mind.  I need to continue working in ways that don’t continue to strain my elbow.  More importantly, I need to use exercise and yoga as ways to strengthen my body while stretching my mind.

IMAGINE: I made giant strides in 2011 to draw on my creative well.  Whether it’s writing from the heart, following the artist’s way, or finding an idea each day for a picture book, using and replenishing my creativity has become a priority – instead of sitting at the computer, writing and revising the same three sentences.  Eric Rohmann was an invaluable mentor at the Highlights Children’s Writers Workshop.  Taking his advice enabled me to find a better way to write.  Imagination is a mental muscle – use it or lose it!

VENTURE: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  While I did take advantage of some opportunities last year, how many did I miss because I just didn’t take that risk?  This year, every time I see an opportunity, my first words will be “Why not?”

What are your three little words?  Which ones will allow you to be your best – without making you feel like a failure when you can’t check off that bullet point?  My best friend and yoga teacher constantly exhorts her students before each class to “practice where you are today.  Not where you were yesterday, or where you want to be tomorrow.  Right here, right now.”

Every day is a a new beginning, not just January 1, 2012.  May everyone enjoy a happy, healthy, prosperous, and productive 2012!


One thought on “Bring on the new!

  1. This all sounds good, Leslie 🙂 I have to tell you—I’m not one for “New Year” resolutions. I’ve always found it silly, to be honest. It’s only a marker in time so we know what happened on which date, and that history is passing. To me, ANY day can be a turning point in one’s life.

    That said, I have three (well four) words for you: Faith – Patience (which often comes with Faith) – Reasonable Expectations 🙂

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