Spring fever

Writing is by nature a solitary and usually indoor occupation.  Which means that Spring, with its cotton candy clouds, Tiffany blue skies, and bright yellow daffodils and forsythia popping up, is a major distraction.

Rob Sanders blogged last week about writing in the in-between times.  Spring is definitely an in-between time.  Do you need a coat or sandals?  Umbrella or sunscreen?  Knit cap or straw hat?  Beyond fashion, though, Spring is also a time of in-between projects and revision – at least for me.  While I often have a couple of manuscripts going at once (so I always have something to write), Spring seems to find me frequently at a crossroads between deadlines and the demands of a particular manuscript.

Weather and the calendar conspire to interrupt a steady writing schedule.  The urge to feather my nest anew and the need to spring clean distract me from my desk.  Perhaps a change in venue is required?

Lately, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time crossing town on the bus to and from my physical therapy appointments.  (Fortunately, that’s about to come to an end!) Each time I pass an impressive facade belonging to the New York Society Library.  Obviously a subscription library, rather than part of the NYPL system, it calls to me.  But I’ve never stopped and gone in.

In a burst of serendipity, my husband came home from a rare evening with friends to tell me that he’d found a place where I might enjoy writing.  (The local public library, while excellent, has too few chairs and tables.  And I’ve never been a Starbucks habitué.)  The magic spot?  The New York Society Library.  Apparently, though the library is private, the public can use the reading and reference room on the first floor.  A little research spurred by his friend’s mention that the subscription was “reasonable” led me to find that membership to the New York Society Library is indeed within budgetary reach.

I may just have to combat this year’s burst of spring fever by packing up my notebooks and laptop, walking across Central park, and trying out this new place to write.  How about you?  What do you do to avoid succumbing to Spring?


3 thoughts on “Spring fever

  1. Leslie, to me this actually sounds like a little slice of “library” heaven 🙂 Unlike you, I never have time to write…virtually never, and lately it’s been worse. In fact, I just got off the phone with a friend about that very issue.

    If it takes walking across Central Park (How far of a walk? Maybe it’s a good thing?) to climb the “stairway to heaven,” by all means…do it! 🙂

    Btw…springtime, as nice as it can be, doesn’t mean what it used to be for me…between allergies, bugs and the many other things warm weather brings…oh, well. If you can enjoy it, you should, and you WILL by having to walk through Central Park 🙂 Of course, today wouldn’t be a good day for it—the winds are relentless!

    1. Me, too, Donna! By the way, I always said I never had time to write… until I started scheduling it into my week as the first priority. Yes, something has to go (my yoga practice, usually) – but it also made me take a good hard look at what I was doing and what I wanted to do. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a couple times a week, that’s more than now, right?

      And yes, I do enjoy spring – especially since my allergies stopped after we moved from DC. 🙂 Nasya oil – available at Amazon and Ayurvedic or natural pharmacies is a lifesaver. Might want to give it a whirl – less “weird” than a neti pot. Nope, I didn’t walk yesterday – the winds were *fierce*. Maybe today?

      Wishing you an extra 24 hours in every week – but only for yourself! 😉

      1. Leslie, I want to schedule into my life, but my life isn’t allowing it!…not yet, but it WILL happen 🙂 I can’t do the 15-minute thing unless I have the plotting, etc. completely worked out. Anyway, the Nasya oil is something you ingest? Or sniff? Then I can’t do it, but I DO do the nasal wash and have for years. It works! 🙂

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