Imagining things

My three words for 2012 were HEAL, IMAGINE, and VENTURE.  As the first quarter of 2012 comes to an end, I thought I’d check on my progress.

HEAL.  As much as I can.  Here’s hoping that this week brings my numerous doctor visits and physical therapy to an end for my elbow – which is infinitely better than it was, if not completely healed yet.  I’m also working on healing my mind – instead of beating myself up over the numerous small mistakes, gaffes, and lacks I perceive in myself, I am learning to LET IT GO.    I’m slowly getting better at spending less time spinning my wheels and more time aiming the car in the right direction.

IMAGINE.  Let’s come back to this one, shall we?

VENTURE.  Also on a roll!  I have submitted an application for the SCBWI Work-in-Progress Grant *and* signed up for three critiques and a pitch at the NJSCBWI Summer Conference.  Not bad… although I need to get cracking for the upcoming submissions for those critiques!

Back to IMAGINE.  Hmm.  Not sure I’ve made progress on this one.  I could claim progress through creating character sketches for the YA novel I’m working on or rewriting a rhyming PB manuscript as a prose story… But, really, I seem to spend much of my imaginary life creating new outfits out of my recently refreshed closet or dreaming of hitting the literary jackpot (not on a JK Rowling, Mega-Millions scale, mind you) or just making plans for a hopefully peaceful summer.  Not the most productive use of my imagination!

Well, I’m not beating myself up over it.  (See HEAL.)  I’m looking forward to a much-needed spring trip to visit my folks.  And while I’m sure I’ll use much of my flight time enjoying some new novels and picture books on my e-reader, I’m planning on using a fair amount of beach and pool time to bask in the sun and let my imagination take a dip… Instead of a book, I’m popping a pencil and notebook in my beach tote and letting myself relax mentally as well as physically.  See what bobs to the surface. . .

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