Guilty as charged

Mary Kole writes this week about “flights of fancy” – picture books whose main driver is the wonderful ability of children to bring their imagination to life.  Her article resonates with me, because I’ve a PB manuscript I’ve been working on through multiple iterations – in verse and in prose – and it’s a stellar example of her criticism.

I just can’t seem to break through the wall of images and turn this “flight of imagination” into a real story.  Last year at Chautauqua, Eric Rohmann gave me a wonderful critique of this piece and helped me jump into a new way of working – but the latest version still suffers from lack of story.  Story arc, plot clock, you name it, I’ve read about it.

“Dragon Toes” – hmm, maybe I should change the working title? – is NOT a story.  At least not a great one.  Well, the first step to fixing  problem is admitting you have one, right?

Admitted.  Maybe my colleagues on the Yellow Brick Road can give me a boost next week during our next session….or maybe I’ll just pack up my notebook and sit in the park and pretend I’m back at Chautauqua….what I should do is finish my submission for critique for NJSCBWI Summer Conference.

No matter what I do today, I’m going to fix that story.  “Action!”


3 thoughts on “Guilty as charged

  1. OK, Leslie, I vote for you finishing your critique for the conference! I still have to finish mine and there are only 10 days left! What’s ironic is I started going over it back in early February, figuring I’d get it in REALLY early. Ironically, actually working on the conference took over lol I’m determined to do it within the next few days though. We don’t want to be the LAST to submit, right? 😀

    1. Yep, deadlines always win out! Samples are ready, one complete synopsis & one being revised. 🙂 I did the same thing you did – except the elbow surgery interfered more than I’d thought it would. Hoped it would? You deserve a break, though – without you & your colleagues, we wouldn’t have a conference!

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