Make it or break it

Wish I’d seen this prior to this morning’s post!  Kathy Temean’s blog, Writing and Illustrating, is an excellent source of advice for writers.  I’m particularly fond of her “Rule”posts, where she contrasts expert opinions on various rules of the road for writers in a “Follow It/Break It” format.  Today’s post was about writing what you know, and it struck me partly because I’m reading Donald Maass’s excellent book, Writing the Breakout Novel and partly because of an ongoing discussion about children and writing at my daughter’s school.  Both sides are well-argued, and both sides are vital to a writer’s development. Indeed, on further reflection, I’m tempted to say that both Maass and Natalie Goldberg are saying much the same thing, just from different perspectives.  Hope you enjoy Kathy’s post as much as I did!

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