Three little words

Last January, I followed friend Rob’s advice about skipping the usual resolutions and setting goals using three little words.  My three words were:




While following up on concrete, “SMART” writing goals is easier – after all, you know quite well if you achieved writing 500 words 6 days per week or submitted X number of queries – a writer’s growth is not measured only by ticking off a list.  Last year, I did heal: I stuck with my therapy and until surgery was necessary.  Once recovered from elbow surgery, I determined to make good use of my time and energy – and to take better care of myself.  I stopped beating up on myself, too – ok, mostly.  I imagined well enough that I finished the first draft of a fantasy novel and have an ongoing list of ideas to explore.  As for venturing, I gained a critique partner, made several new writing friends, and learned how to get to Parsippany on the bus.  (And the one story I submitted was published!)

Seems like 2012 was a successful year.  I’d like to repeat that success in 2013.  While I do set concrete goals – such as writing a blog post each week, finishing the revision of my novel by January’s end, and querying 40 agents/houses by July – I’m going to stick with three little words.

For 2013, my three words are:




I’m going to dream about what I want to achieve and mine my daydreams and nightmares for inspiration.  I will determine to stick to my guns- and my schedule – and make time for my writing, following my plans.  Finally, I will achieve the success I dream about.  My former writing teacher, Michael Leviton, congratulated me on finishing the first draft of my novel, telling me I should be proud of what I had achieved, as so many folks never even get that far.  I am proud, but I’m taking it further this year.  If that book doesn’t get published, well, I’ll be working on one that will.

What are YOUR three words for 2013?  Come, venture with me on this new year. . .


3 thoughts on “Three little words

  1. Good words Leslie! This is really hard. I’m going with:
    Own. Loose. Tough.
    I need to own my writing career – making the time to write because no one’s going to give it to me. I need to let my imagination loose – it’s on an adventure now, but it’s still only getting it’s sea legs. I need to really develop tough skin to handle rejections and criticism. (Whew – that went deep for me, but I feel good having it out there!)

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