For my nonfiction friends

The Digital Revolution Awaits You!
Roxie Munro, author-illustrator and digital developer, will share her knowledge and experience with writers and illustrators at the 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference at SUNY New Paltz, NY, June 14-16.

Like all niches of publishing, children’s nonfiction is constantly changing. The impact of digital developments is the latest and biggest wave to hit the industry, but there have been others before. To survive and succeed as an author, editor, illustrator, or designer we must constantly learn new skills, keep up-to-date with developments, explore new avenues, and network with a wide range of creative people. Roxie Munro has succeeded! You can too!

About Roxie Munro:
Roxie has created five interactive apps, including Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventure and Roxie’s Doors. She also has written over 35 books.They have earned awards, including SLJ Star, Smithsonian: Best Science Books for Children, Outstanding Science Trade Book, Society of School Librarians International Honor Book Award, and Bank Street College Best Book w/Outstanding Merit. Her book Busy Builders is a finalist for the Bank Street Center for Children’s Literature 2013 Cook Prize.

Roxie’s Workshops at the Conference
     • Reinventing Yourself: Using Your Skills in New Markets
     • The Business Side of Apps: From Finance and Contracts to Marketing and

     • Creating E-books and Apps (with author Mary Kay Carson and award-winning
digital developers/packager Ellen Jacob and Karen Robertson)

Friday Afternoon Intensive: 
Transmedia: Presenting Stories for Different Formats and Media
Teaming up with book packager Lionel Bender, Roxie will co-lead a 3-hour Intensive called Transmedia: Presenting Stories for Different Formats and Media. They will help writers and illustrators understand all the current publishing options: printed books, magazines, eBooks, apps, giant interactive walk-in books, and websites. What are the pros and cons of each format and medium and how should you tailor-make your text or illustrations to fit one or more of these end-products?

These workshops will help you power your way into the Digital Age!

This Conference Is Designed for You!
The 21st Century Children’s Nonfiction Conference offers Intensives, Workshops, One-to-One Critiques, a Book Fair, and Illustrators’ Showcase.  For a complete list of faculty members, workshop topics, and other details, visit


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