With Border’s demise and Barnes and Noble looking shaky, many folks think it’s time for a comeback for small independent bookstores.  However, many children’s bookstores never really went away – they just toughed it out on the bookselling playground.  One of my faves since moving to New York, Books of Wonder asked for a helping hand last year, seeking donations on indiegogo to help them survive the closing of the cupcakery that shared their space, leaving them high and dry.  The city’s oldest children’s bookstore, I loved Books of Wonder the moment I set foot in it, from its kid-friendly layout to the rare book stacks in the back.

Now I can share this delight with faraway friends, and not just when they visit.  Books of Wonder has a revamped website, featuring online sales, new & classic books, illustrations & artwork, and their blog.  It’s almost as good as the beloved shop on 18th Street not far from the iconic Flatiron Building.  Enjoy a visit, won’t you?


And if you’re local or nearby, keep in mind that Books of Wonder has also hosted great events for NY Metro SCBWI – like the recent mixer and panel discussion on critique groups.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful

  1. Thanks for the link, Leslie 🙂 I was following them on Twitter, but since I’m almost never ON Twitter, I never really know what’s up!

    I visited that store once and loved it. It was actually on the day of the release for “Deathly Hallows.” I met an online friend there (for the first time) and she went there all the time when she lived in Manhattan. I brought my face paints to paint “Harry Potter” designs on her for the midnight release at the B&N up the street (which was AMAZINGLY decked out for the release party!) I fell in love with the bookstore, but haven’t had the opportunity to visit again since then 😦

    I do hope all’s well with them now that the cupcakes are gone!

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