May flowers?

We all know the saying about April showers but May’s flowers this year are of a different sort.  I applied for the SCBWI Work-In-Progress Grant and was heartened to receive a email from Ms. Sara Rutenberg, COO of SCBWI about the Karen and Philip Cushman Late Bloomer Award.  This is an award for those writers who are over 50 years of age and have not been “traditionally published in the children’s literature field.”  Winners receive a cash grant of $500 and free tuition to any worldwide SCBWI conference.  Started in honor of Karen Cushman, a Newbery Award winner who did not publish her first book until she was 53.

I find this interesting despite not being qualified on grounds of age – though I’m closer than you may think.  In prior posts, I’ve discussed the fact that writing for children is often a later-in-life career, as people decide to follow their dreams.  And since writing for children doesn’t require the gifts of physical ability beyond typing… This year’s WIP applicants apparently were contacted directly by Ms. Rutenberg; in future years, you will be able to indicate your qualification for the award on the application.

And since I spent much of this past weekend admiring the more typical blooms in Central Park, it’s back to the grind.  I have a pitch to create and more revisions to finish before the upcoming NJ-SCBWI Summer Conference… while I’d love to be a Late Bloomer according to SCBWI, blooming just a little earlier would be great!

Happy Children’s Book Week to all of my writing friends and colleagues!


2 thoughts on “May flowers?

  1. Yeah, Leslie, I heard about that award, but since I hadn’t applied for the grant to begin with, it was too late for me to do it anyway. I’ll know better for next year though!

    Enjoy everything that’s in bloom…including your “budding” career 😉

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