A little bit of Stacey da da da, a little bit of Robby, uh uh uh


OK, so I’m uncool.  (But you already knew that, right?)  With apologies to Lou Bega and “Mambo No. 5,”  I’m pointing you in the direction of my pals Stacey and Rob this week.

Stacey had a great post on what happens when you ask politely – even the Universe! – you CAN get what you want.  In yoga, such asking would be sending your energy out in to the universe and receiving what you need back.  (Which is why it matters if you turn your palms up or down while meditating or just sitting in sukhasana.)  She’s right, though – sometimes, if you just focus on what you need RIGHT NOW, this minute, the essential and nothing else, it very often pops into your hand – or heart, or mind.  More than just a Sanskrit version of The Secret, asking the universe politely can help you achieve your desire by ensuring that you are focused on what you need to do to achieve it.  (Although, in Stacey’s case,serendipity and New Jersey played a part.  I too have NEVER had a gas station attendant ask me if I needed a Coke.  But that may be because the last time there were gas station attendants anywhere I lived, I was the attendant.)  Still, a great post and a good thought to take away this week as I continue polishing my pitch for NJ-SCBWI’s summer conference.

As for friend Rob, his post on the ailments plaguing writers – nope, not carpal tunnel nor caffeine addiction – just plain made me smile.  Fortunately, my butt-plasty took a little over a year ago, and my overwork-it-emia (or was it what-do-you-think-itis?) seems to be controlled through a continuing regime of therapy and exercise.  😉  Rob’s post is tongue-in-cheek and charming, but the ailments are real.  I see so many folks who can’t finish work or get sidetracked from their goals.  Don’t succumb to your ailment, what ever it may be, ok?  As Stacey says, “not to go all Zen Buddha on you” (please imagine appropriate Jersey accent here), but writing is practice, just like yoga.  The point is not to be perfect, the point is the practice itself.  Only way to be a better writer is plant that tush in your seat and write.  Only way to get emotional harmony by opening up your hips is to get on that mat and tuck yourself into pigeon pose.  Modified or not.  It’s called practice, not perfection, for a reason.

Well I hit my mat earlier this week, and I’m planted at my desk – though the bingo! for my pitch smacked me upside the head while waiting to pick up my daughter – so I may as well just get back to that revising and polishing.  Here’s hoping the universe responds to your question.



2 thoughts on “A little bit of Stacey da da da, a little bit of Robby, uh uh uh

  1. Great post, Leslie! With a little perseverance, politeness, and sweat the books will get written and the readers will come! Writing is a practice as is yoga. Every day is a new adventure on and off the mat.

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