“…and the living is easy.”  At least according to George Gershwin.  It’s gotta be easier than this last full week of school.  Closing up the library always takes more time than we think it will, and my fingers are itching to get back to work.  I’ve been diligently reading the books recommended for me at the NJSCBWI conference and doing some solid thinking.  (I highly recommend Getting into Character by Brandilyn Collins.  Very helpful.)

In the midst of my week of shelf-reading and dredging up overdue books, a bright spot shone in my email.  Thanks to Rob Sanders for some good advice – although this time it comes from his students!  I know Rob’s a great writer, but he must be an even better teacher, because his kids are on the money!  Mateo E., I sure am practicing my writing at home using all my crafts.  🙂

Last week I talked about meeting my conference goals.  Now it’s time for a summer goal:

I will finish this revision.

I will send it to the agent who requested it.

And I will do plenty of lolly-gagging and daydreaming to get a head start on my next project (Already simmering away in my brain.  Some days I feel like a crock-pot.  Slow, but ready for dinnertime.)

For such a long week, this post is quite short.   Get out and soak up some sun.  Bring a picnic to the park – or your yard.  Celebrate the solstice with a good downward dog or two. Me?  I’m taking a much-needed yoga class and then diving into some character backstory. See you next week!


6 thoughts on “Summertime…

  1. You can do it! Revise away. Just don’t forget to let yourself dabble a little on another story so your brain doesn’t get too “All work and no play makes Leslie crazy”

  2. I love your summer goals idea! Two days into summer vacation and I can see how I will have to demand my writing time with force. What I want to do is sit by the pool with the kids and dig through my towering pile of books to be read. I long for lazy days filled with iced tea, the smell of coconuts and a hot breeze on my skin, fireflies at night and maybe a roasted marshmallow. Summer goals? you bet!

  3. I struggle at the beginning of summer whether to dive right into my writing or take a mental break by getting some long-overdue projects in the house done. I’m going to try to do both. The end of the year is so crazy my mind needs a vacation!

    1. Sadly, for me, writing IS a mental vacation compared to putting the library to bed for the summer. 🙂 Or is it just that I’m so glad school is out?

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