Recently, I decided to switch my daily goal from a word count to a page count. Oddly enough, it works out similarly –  1,000 words per day more or less equals five pages per day. Somehow, though, the pages seem less intimidating – even when I cut and rewrite much of what I did the day before, i always seem to be able to add a good chunk of new work.

The impetus came from the new critique group I’ve joined. Apparently my colleagues – most of whom are published – work best in pages, and our submission are based on pages, not words. Is this simply a result of moving from picture books to middle-grade and YA? Or is it a result of becoming more professional, as it were, more experienced as a writer? A few months ago, during her workshop on meditation for writers, Laurie Calkhoven told us that a good day for her consisted of three session of 90 minutes each, each session consisting of a meditation and the ensuing writing.

For me, the beginning is always the same: tush in seat, notebooks at the ready, computer on if need be. (Email and websites off!) I read over what I’ve done the day before to immerse myself once more in the story or I read over what feedback I’ve received that needs attention. Then I’m off and writing, glass of iced tea or cup of hot tea by my side. Some days are better than others. Some days the words flow smoothly, others it’s like digging up ivy from a garden bed. Every time you yank on something, more comes up – but you’re gong to have pull with all your might.

How do you track your daily goals? Time, pages, words? Any work done equals a good day?

P.S. Goodreads notified me yesterday that I’m in the top 1% of reviewers! Yay! Lately I’ve been too focused on my novel to review all of the books I’m reading, but I promise I’ll get back to it soon. You can see a little of what I’m reading at the bottom right – or pop over to goodreads and see my whole lists.


3 thoughts on “Counting

  1. I tried the 1000 word a day goal and had one very successful day. It was energizing and exciting, so then why oh why couldn’t I keep at it? Maybe in the fall I’ll get butt back in chair more consistently.

  2. Hi, Lauri! Like anything else – practice! It took me a month or so to really get into the habit & if I have too many days without writing, well, it’s like getting back into an exercise routine. Easier than the first time but still a little painful! 😉

    I’ll be rooting for you this fall!

  3. Leslie, I’m sorry I’m not at a point where I have a specific goal. Recently my goal was to create, from characters to execution, a board book series to submit to Scholastic by a deadline. I’m not sure I could be regimented in that way, but who knows?!

    And I wanted to add you on Goodreads (hoping I’ll start participating more), but couldn’t answer your question : /

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