Fresh air

The other day, I found myself sitting on a park bench, notebook in lap, trying to write as I kept an eye on my daughter swinging in the playground. I don’t usually work well when I’m not at my desk. I try my best, whether waiting for an appointment or between meetings at school or in transit on a trip. But the work I get done in those in-between times usually isn’t great – either in quantity or quality. Too distracted, too uncomfortable, who knows?

This time, however, I just wrote. No excuses. I set myself a task – to discover what two of my characters had to say to each other – and wrote. Lo and behold, it worked. Their “conversation” will most likely never be used in my finished story, but it provided me with insights I needed. (Thanks, Susan!)

Lately I’ve been very focused on goals – the large one of finishing a second draft of my novel and the smaller ones of page counts or word counts. This time, I ignored my goals. I simply set an intention and “did,” much as I do with my yoga practice. (OK, try to do. Let’s be honest here.)

Whether it was the fresh air or the sounds of children at play, I don’t know, but I achieved more in that hour than I have in the past several sitting at my desk. Maybe I just needed a change of pace. Either way, I’m back on track to meeting my large goal.


4 thoughts on “Fresh air

  1. Congrats on reaching your goals. I find, believe it or not, getting away from my desk can be very productive. There is no laundry calling my name, phone ringing with interruptions, dishes to wash or carpets to vacuum. Just me and my characters hanging out. Whether they like it or not!

  2. good for you, Leslie 🙂 You know, often times you just never know which approach will work, so it never hurts trying 🙂 What doesn’t work one day, may work on another—obviously!

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