Coffee anyone?

I rarely work in coffee shops. Libraries or the park, occasionally. I seem to write best by just buckling down at my desk. The street noise – especially when it’s recess time in the nearby playground – is just enough to keep me going. I’ve tried music, but then I get distracted and start making playlists and fooling around on iTunes or fiddling with Pandora stations.

But I know tons of folks LOVE coffee shops for their lively but low-key ambience. Now you can get your buzz on at home, thanks to Coffitivity!

A new website, Coffitivity – notice the blend of coffee and creativity? – aims to increase your creativity and productivity by streaming coffee house sounds to your computer or mobile device.

I’m trying it right now and it’s not doing it for me. (What can I say? I’m a tea person.) But I bet it works GREAT for lots of other folks.


6 thoughts on “Coffee anyone?

  1. Leslie, when I read this, my eyes bugged out of my head—no kidding! For many years I practically LIVED in my local B&N cafe and often wished that, should I ever have a home in which I could have my ideal working space, how I could get cafe sounds in there! lol

    The thing about it is that I found I enjoy the randomness of what’s going on, plus there was a mix of music in the background (though many times the music B&N had to play really got on my nerves! lol), along with intermittent sounds from the food counter, and different conversations. Yes, there were definitely people, conversations and smells (I’m sensitive) that did become distracting, annoying and forced me to move my treasured, favorite table, but when it was good, I enjoyed it in the background. It was also nice to have occasional distractions, like cute kids, etc. Ultimately, my work space became too social ’cause I got to know most of the employees and regulars, so would end up in conversation most of the time, and getting work done was impossible. One positive result of my 24/7 work on the 2012 conference was that it broke my addiction to the place since I had no time to do anything but conference work!

    All that said, what’s playing on Coffitivity right now is a pretty busy, noisy coffee shop, so I’m not sure that would work for me unless I kept it low in the background. What’s great about it is that it’s what I call “back-fill” having SOMEthing going on that isn’t loud and not distracting, like music or TV. Sometimes I prefer quiet, too. It depends on what I’m doing and how ideas strike me as to when and where I write.

    All I know is I LOVE that this even exists! lol I hope to make use of it, and yes, now that I turned the volume down, it has a similar effect, though I’d love some kind of soft instrumental in the background, too.

    Thanks, Leslie! I know you’ll cross my mind every time I use it πŸ˜€ Hope to see you at Craft Day (if your plans changed!)

  2. I can’t work in a coffee shop. I need to read my writing out loud, first of all, and I get distracted by others’ conversations. Best to be at home, with my craft resources at my fingertips.

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