Holly jolly holiday

I just like that phrase. It’s hard enough for me to write a decent letter for my holiday cards, so don’t be expecting a holiday blog post. 🙂

But I do wish you a very happy holiday season and a peaceful, productive, healthy and Happy New Year!

On to business, as it were. NYPL just keeps creating fun and interesting ways to engage with kid lit. Their most recent is an interactive version of their 100 Best Books for Kids list (for 2013). Several of my faves were on it (True Blue Scouts of Sugarman Swamp? Doll Bones?), and clicking on the gorgeous covers to discover the recommendations is too cool. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I may have to explore the list a little as I play with my gift – someone special gave me a Kindle. Not a fancy-schmancy Kindle version of the iPad, just the plain vanilla one. Which is exactly what I needed.

I have a lovely nookColor (bought when Kindle books couldn’t be borrowed from the public library), and it’s great for picture books and nonfiction that has lots of images, but I found that reading with the backlit screen for any length of time bothers my eyes. Plus I use very few of its features. I don’t use it to browse the web, check email or play games. I really just wanted an e-reader for travel and the times I find a “real” book too heavy for reading in comfort (which are rare).

Voila! Borrowing library books is even easier on the Kindle (provided you have WiFI, which I do) and it’s small enough to fit in my handbag and lighter even than a paperback. And no glare. This should be fun.

Though when it comes to e-books, I must admit, I’m rather a Scrooge. I still love reading an actual book, made of paper and ink. But there’s plenty of room in my reading habit for all kinds of books!

Happy reading to you!


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