100 reasons why

I don’t actually have one hundred reasons why you should try this tip.  One was good enough for me – it works!

I finished the free creativity course offered by Mary O’Gara, and it was just the ticket to get me back at my desk and get a jump on the new year. (By the way, Mary offers a free hour of coaching on her website. Might want to check it out!)

Perhaps my favorite takeaway from the course was her “100 lists.” The first few lists of 100 were intended as homework to get you prepped for the course. 100 Things I Want to Do. 100 Skills I Want to Learn. You get the picture. It was harder than I thought! Either I don’t want a lot or I just don’t access my wants easily. I struggled through, and for most of the lists, I was lucky to get close to 50.

It became clear through the classes that Mary loves lists of 100. It also became clear that she was teaching us to use these lists to access our subconscious, much as free writing or flash drafting does. (Something I really want to learn and improve at. I’m very much a nitpicker and rewriter – even in first drafts. Judy Blume claims she’s one, too.) Mary mentioned later on that putting even 20 items on a list can help you break through to your subconscious. Whew! There’s hope for me yet. especially since the lists are meant to be ongoing exercises, not just a quick 100 in one session.

My first list of 100 for this year just might be 100 possible posts for this blog!


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