Sunshine Award

I’m always happier when it’s sunny (sorry, Jesus and Mary Chain) – and not only is it a lovely day, but I was nominated for the Sunshine Award by my good friend Stacey Wilk, author of Welcome to Kata-Tartaroo and its brand-new sequel, Welcome to Bibliotheca!

Apparently this is another fun pass-the-love-around blog award. I’m game.

My nominations for the Sunshine Award are below – please do check them out.

And ten interesting things about me? Why is it always interesting things? Why never dull things or routine things or even writerly things (not to be confused with dull or routine)? I’m going with 10 things that inform my writing.



Leslie’s Top Ten for the Sunshine Award

  1. I read a LOT. 300+ books each year. Yes, that’s about a book a day.
  2. I spend a lot of time people watching, especially on the bus and the subway. Prescription sunglasses are a big help.
  3. I spend a lot of time observing my environment, especially any funky or odd details of the buildings around me.
  4. I’m a library addict. Thank goodness for public libraries! See #1.
  5. I adore Jane Austen. Including Jane Austen tchotchkes like paper dolls and “plasters.”
  6. I’ve worked as a gas station attendant and a record store clerk among other jobs.
  7. Fun visual prints make me smile. Think Boden, Orla Kiely, Marimekko, etc.
  8. My favorite game was always “let’s pretend” or Barbies – which is really just let’s pretend with dolls.
  9. I really like other people’s children. Most of them. πŸ™‚
  10. My brain just doesn’t stop very often. I find it hard to meditate. Perhaps that’s why I write?


Now for the best part – nominating others!

I nominate:

Susan Banghart

Juliana Lee

Project Mayhem

Lauri Meyers

Katia Raina

Knitting with Pencils




5 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

    1. Thank you, Susan! You’ve been integral to my education as a writer – and your blog is always well worth a visit. πŸ™‚

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