Summer reading

It’s that time of year. The library has a big sign announcing registration for summer reading programs, Kate DiCamillo gives us a list of her faves, and BookExpo is here, giving away ARC’s left and right. I wish I was there stocking up…

A few of my recent faves and to-reads are listed below. I don’t actually read anything special in the summer, because I read constantly year-round. Why, you ask? Well, Erica Wassel has some good reasons today on Writing and Illustrating. Honestly, I read because I can. Sort of like breathing.

Ava and Pip – Not only did I love this middle-grade novel full of wordplay about two sisters, but my daughter did, too. It’s on our to-buy list.

Penny Dreadful – No, NOT the tv series. This is a far more enjoyable and less frightening middle grade novel about a girl who wishes for something interesting to happen… and gets more than she bargained for.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown – Holly Black’s fresh take on vampires

The Clockwork Scarab – Ooh, a mashup of vampires and Holmes and steampunk, oh my! Must get more of this series…

Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell nails love, friendship, and the late 80’s.

We Were Liars – I really should just buy this. The hold list is huge.

Under the Egg – Hmm, I knew this was on my to-read list when I saw it mentioned in last week’s NYT Book Review

These Broken Stars – An amazing cover and plenty of good reviews from various sources make this YA sci-fi a must read.

The Path of Names – Golems and summer camp. My daughter adored it, so maybe I’ll read it in her honor while she’s at camp.

My Basmati Bat Mitzvah – Need I say more? What a title!

Ketchup CloudsMy Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece was fantastic, so I’m looking forward to Pitcher’s second book.

How to Catch a Bogle – Another recommendation from my daughter. Or did I recommend it to her from a Booklist review?

And I think I’ll end this list with Flora and Ulysses by DiCamillo herself.

Is this all of my to-reads and just-reads? No. I’ve not included plenty of YA and MG and even the odd picture book or two – not to mention the piles of “grown-up” reading.

Hmm, I cleaned the whole house and wrote this post. Perhaps I’ll reward myself with a reading day…


3 thoughts on “Summer reading

  1. Great post! I’m honored to have been linked to with my post on Writing and Illustrating.

    I will definitely be checking out some of these on my next library trip!

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