I have a new way to relax – I mean, procrastinate.

Wordament! A rather devious app that makes Scrabble on your iPhone look like a piker.

You’re given a “digram” of letters, sometimes with a clue or special value at the top, and a short amount of time to make as many words as you can. It’s basically a play on the traditional word scramble games, but with an added evil catch. Each word you make has a different value, and at the end, your words and their values are totaled – and then you’re ranked against everyone else playing at that moment.

I always play as a guest, since I can’t be bothered to create an ID (and I’m not sure how log my addiction to this game will last). It’s a great time suck, but at the same time I find myself enjoying the words I create and annoyed by the ones I miss (because they show you all possible words at the end of each round).

So far I’m telling myself that I’m really occupying a different part of my brain so I can subconsciously digest what needs doing for my revision or percolate new ideas. I’ve also come to realize that all my games – with the exception of mahjongg – are word games. Scrabble, Grammar Pop (pretty cool one from Grammar Girl!)

Sigh. I’m definitely a word nerd.


3 thoughts on “Wordplay

  1. Totally with you on the word games, Leslie! And Lauri, for the longest time I kept getting invited to Candy Crush, tried it and that was enough for me 🙂 We DO need things like this to sometimes break from the focus of writing. It’s when we get carried away that we have problems! lol I have a few favorites, though almost never touch them.

    I love games on http://www.highlightskids.com/ and through Webkinz.com. I keep that membership just for the games! lol Don’t want to get sidetracked today, though! Busy actually sketching 😀 Over to Let’s Get Busy podcasts 🙂

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