Using his head

While I work out the kinks and practice my video skills some more, here’s a traditional book review for your enjoyment. I’m hoping to do a video review once a month this fall, more frequently as I improve. 🙂

Noggin by John Corey Whaley

John Green, watch out! Corey Whaley has written a story that might just overtake TFIOS. A sci-fi premise, but realistic in nature, Noggin explores the ramifications of coming back to life. Literally. His cancer having become untreatable, Travis Coates chooses to die – except for his head. Having volunteered to have his head cryogenically frozen – due to the ravages of cancer upon his body – so it can be transplanted later, Travis awakes in the hospital, wondering what went wrong.

The answer is nothing. He did die, and his head was transplanted onto a donor body. He has survived, only the second person to do so. Corey Whaley skips the minutiae of medicine and future technology to focus on exploring Travis’s emotions and those of his family and friends. For Travis, it’s as if he went to sleep and woke up a few weeks later. For everyone who loves him, it’s been five long years of uncertainty and grief. Including his girlfriend – who’s engaged to someone else now. But Travis chose to come back for her…

Corey Whaley nails the teenage voice, and Noggin is darkly funny, even at its most emotional. Fans of Green, Rowell, and the like should not miss this one.


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