What do you recommend?

As a children’s librarian, I am asked to recommend books all the time. By kids, by parents, by teachers. I enjoy it, but it’s never an easy question. Because, really, whether a book is a good book depends on the reader – so my answer generally is a question. “What was the last book you (or your child or your student) enjoyed? Why?)


For those with less patience or who don’t have an answer to my questions handy, Betsy Bird, children’s librarian extraordinaire of the NYPL, has created this lovely infographic with Noodle. Pretty handy!

Ask a Librarian: Find the Right Book for Your Child / Noodle

You have to link to the flow chart, because it’s a pretty big graphic. Betsy asks the right questions, and books are categorized by age. Although, as always, age is a guideline. Kids often read at their own pace, and picture books are for EVERYBODY. 🙂

Enjoy! (But keep the questions coming. Sharing good books is a librarian’s joy!


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