Places, please

Having thoroughly enjoyed author Tim Federle’s star turn as the emcee for charades at this spring’s Kids Author Carnival, I’m still surprised that he turned from acting and dancing to writing. He’s a firecracker of a guy and lots of fun – Broadway is missing out. But readers of all ages should be glad that he’s turned his talents to the page instead of the stage!

Five, Six, Seven, Nate by Tim Federle

If you were left applauding and calling for more with Federle’s debut Better Nate than Ever, his follow-up is the book for you. Nate is living his dream – well, maybe not entirely. He is performing on Broadway in “E.T. the Musical” – but as the second understudy for E.T. Still, he’s not in Janksburg anymore, and Nate has found his people. (Though he’s still the only one who knows every last drop of Broadway trivia known to man.)

Even the fact that Jordan Rylance, the star, seems to have it in for him doesn’t burst his bubble, as Jordan can’t hold a candle to Nathan’s former tormentors at middle school. Having a secret admirer and having his bloopers turn out to be improv stage blocking make up for any homesickness and missing best bud, Libby, who’s going through hard times of her own back home.

Federle knows his Broadway, and his backstage machinations ring all too true – as do Nate’s up one minute, down the next emotions. And like all good hits, Five, Six, Seven, Nate even has a love story…


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