Hanukkah has begun, Christmas is around the corner, and I’m telling my students that I’ll see them next year while wishing them happy holidays and a break full of good reads. I love this little reminder from Kripalu in Massachusetts to let our light shine now and during the year.

I was reminded that every thing we do, no matter how small, touches someone. Just yesterday one of the volunteers handed me a card & Hanukkah cookie pop from a first grader. He loves the library so much, he wanted to make sure we were included in his round of teacher gifts! Truly a sweet boy. 🙂

And last week, a parent told me that her son tells her each week whether I was his “library lady” for the day and that he’s always happier when I am. That made my year!

In the midst of all the hustle and the bustle of this festive but flurried season, take a moment to remember that you too #ShineBright, my friend.

P.S. The holiday book tree is all over this year! I’ve seen them on Facebook, on Twitter, and in multiple stores – including my local Book Culture (which also wrapped gifts in a very bookish way, using brown paper, blue ribbon, and pages from an elderly book. From PW, here’s a little article about making those trees blossom.

P.P.S. Need a good dose of nonfiction over the break? The NYPL Book List Generator is here to help!



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