Happy days

Happy International Children’s Book Day!

Spring feels as if it’s on its way, submissions have winged their way to a couple more folks (cross your fingers for me, please), and BookExpo America is just around the corner. This year, Friday, May 29th, focuses on children’s books and authors. Will I see you there?

With the warmer weather and sunshine – it only takes a little bit! – I’m feeling frisky and rather child-like. The New York Times recently had an article about a coloring book for adults that is selling out and I’m wondering if this might not be a good way to quiet my mind and free it up to explore some new ideas. Stories? A new book? “Pomes?” I have a lovely set of colored pencils and there may be a Jane Austen coloring book somewhere around here…

And I have to thank Doug Anders for sending me a link to #VeryRealisticYA. Hysterical!!! A 17-year-old writer started the hashtag #VeryRealisticYA, and it’s taken off, with tweets from teens and celebrated YA authors alike. My current fave:

Teens suspect crime has occurred. Inform parents and police and go back to being teens.

(And the reply about the meddling kids is cute, too.)

You know you’ve got a bad case of spring fever, so go ahead. Waste a little time laughing at teens puncturing YA plot lines and characters. It might even give you a few ideas for a fresh take.

Here’s to happy days!

4 thoughts on “Happy days

  1. OK, coloring books for adults? Why can’t adults just color in the kids ones? lol And I had long considered trying to go to BEA, but I’m doubting it, Leslie. Happy spring! 🙂

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