Plotting along

Right now it feels like I’m plodding, not plotting, but I suspect my energy levels will perk up once I’m used to being back at work. Why does summer feel so looong in August and yet seem so short looking back from September?

I’m working on my second novel. At the very least I’m thinking hard. 🙂

I’m using all the resources I can: #KidlitSummerSchool was handy, Kathy Temean’s recent post about story vs. plot was interesting, and my good friend Stacey pointed me in the direction of Rock Your Plot. Not to mention the shelf of wonderful books on writing I can turn to again and again. (Want the list?)

I’ve been scribbling away in my spiral notebook, following this worksheet and that advice, but I haven’t yet tried the one thing most of these folks agree is the ultimate tool for plot.

STICKY NOTES. Yes, you read that right. Sticky notes. (A few folks swear by index cards, but those seem to be much the same. Just not sticky.)

So I’m off to the stationery store to pick up a few packs of sticky notes and a big piece of pasteboard in hopes that this’ll shake me out of my rut and get those words pouring forth again.

Because the only thing worse than having to rewrite an entire draft because of plot holes is…

Not writing at all.


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