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I’ve posted about titles and the difficulty I have in creating them before. Today an article came across my desk that explains why titles are important and how you can create the best one possible for your book.

Rachelle Gardner of Books and Such Literary Agency really gives you the goods in her article. Though she tells us up front that the title of your book as published rests with the publisher, she goes on to say that a good title is a help in a query. Let’s face it, we can all use any help we can get. 🙂

She then gives a thorough breakdown of how to go about coming up with a title – there’s a fair amount of work involved. (Just like writing the book!)

Rachelle suggests you do your research instead of waiting for inspiration to strike. Comb through your genre on Amazon and write down about 20 titles you like. Make a list of those titles and try to get a feel for the genre – then put the list away for a while.

She suggests following up by free-associating a list of at least 100 words by type (noun, verb, etc.) that relate to your book, including setting, characters, action, and theme. She goes on to say that you should see if any of the words work as a single word title, then create various combinations.

She continues with a very useful process for creating titles – including taking a second look at your list of Amazon titles to see if yours would fit right in. The final touch is a series of questions you need to ask yourself about your title to see if it truly is the right one for your book.

Finally! A simple and thorough process for creating a great title. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m going to take another look at mine…


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