Good news for school libraries

Kids are reading more than adults. Not hard to believe, since kids are encouraged, incited, even pushed to read. Most adults, however, have to rely on their own desire or willpower as the case may be.

And where do kids get all those books they read? Well, many of them – if not most of them – get their reading materials from classroom or school libraries. So, Scholastic’s report on how well-staffed and well-funded (italics mine) school libraries have a positive impact on students is music to my ears. Not that I didn’t already know this, but it’s nice to have RESEARCH to back it up.

You know, something more than a quick and dirty Google search? You don’t? Maybe you need a school librarian to help you with your homework… 🙂

Get your copy of the report here! I plan on passing mine on to the lovely folks at the PTA who pay my salary and to the principal of my school. How about you?


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