Thank you notes

For those who celebrate today, Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who don’t, every day is a good day to give thanks for the good things in life.

I am thankful for SCBWI, both nationally and locally, for the myriad opportunities and connections it has given me.

I am thankful for the many resources I use to continue improving my craft, including Writers Digest, Children’s Book Insider, Children’s Writers eNews, and more.

I am thankful for the many writers, agents, and editors who have shared their expertise and time to create communities of learning – especially Cheryl Klein (this latest master class on character was wonderful!), Nerdy Chicks Write, Query Kombat, the many folks who present each year at NJSCBWI Summer Conferences, Angela & Becca at Writers Helping Writers, and Kathy Temean and her guest posters at Writing and Illustrating.

I am thankful for the feedback and encouragement that several agents have given me even as they’ve told me my book “is not for them.”

I am thankful for my many writing friends, near and far, new and “old” – writing is a solitary business, but the friendship we share ensure it is never a lonely one.

I am thankful for my past and present critique partners who have pushed me and inspired me and shared each step of every story I write. YBR, Suzanne, Michelle & Julia & Yahaira & Brigid & Doug & Liz, thank you!

I am thankful for my beta readers, grownup and child, who help me make my work better.

I am thankful for my library students with whom I share my love of reading and who inspire me in so many ways.

I am so very thankful for my friends and family who love me and support me and believe that one day soon, my book is going to be plucked off a shelf and read by a child who has no idea who I am. πŸ™‚

And I am especially thankful for the peace and plenty that I possess. Wishing everyone peace, prosperity, health, and happiness now and in the days to come!




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