I love

Rock and roll! (Whoops. Time to stop channeling Joan Jett and put down my highlighter microphone.)

I love lots of things. Including rock and roll. You probably already know I love reading and writing and libraries and books and…


That’s right, I love me some MG. Middle grade reading. Middle school reading, even.

Now Workman and Algonquin Young Readers are sharing the love with a special promotion just for us MG types. Seems a fella named Trevor Ingerson decided that middle grades reads needed celebrating. Apparently there was swag and everything. (I love swag too. OK, only some swag. No more lanyards, okay?)

Join up and spread the word and some love with #iLOVEmg on your favorite social media app. And check out the PW article above for Tracey Baptiste‘s take on loving MG! My MG readers are fans of The Jumbies – we’re almost finished reading it aloud. (Hey, each class only gets library once a week. It takes us a while to finish.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get back to work on my own MG novel. Four days of 500+ words! I’m on a roll. Maybe next week, I’ll shoot for 750. šŸ™‚



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