Congratulations to Matt de la Pena for winning the Newbery Award with Last Stop on Market Street! Richly deserved – that’s one wonderful read-aloud and a lovely book that makes children and grown-ups think.

While I don’t write them, I’m squarely in the picture book camp. I’m always telling students, teachers, and parents that picture books are for EVERYONE. Fluency is great, but comprehension? You really learn that best starting picture books.

Tara Lazar (Monstore, Little Red Gliding Hood) said it best this past week. (And thanks to Marlaina Gray for re-posting it!)

A Picture Book for Newbery! (REJOICE!)

Take a gander at Tara’s thoughtful, witty post, and then go check out some great picture books. I’m going to pull Last Stop on Market Street for more read-alouds, after we finish this week with Martin’s Big Words and I Have a Dream.



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